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We know what you're thinking. Another online club to join. But we want to make the Digital Frogger Club worth your while, adding valuable resources you can use, all for the price of free.

So what do you get? Here are just a few of what will be a growing list of perks:

  • Exclusive supplemental material to be used alongside Digital Frog software, or any curriculum covering natural sciences
  • New materials added regularly to create a growing library of resources for you and your students
  • Periodic discounts in our online store available only to Digital Frogger Club members
  • A promise that we won't be bombarding your email with messages you may (or may not) want.

It's free. It will give you access to useful materials to supplement our software (or any life science teaching materials). It will give you exclusive discounts on Digital Frog software. It can even be fun. And did we mention, joining is free?

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