Digital Frog International
Licensing 101

Digital Frog International's new flexible licensing system based on "seats" allows unprecedented flexibility.

What is a seat?

A seat is one computer user as determined by the home folder or directory of the current user, whether the home folder is stored on the local hard drive, or on the network. The license code determines the number of seats and the length of time the program can be used.

License type # of computers # of license codes Expiry date Ideal for:
Single User Lifetime 1 seat 1 (same code for up to five programs) None - whole class teaching with a smartboard.
Multi-Seat Lifetime Minimum 5 seats (no maximum) 1 (same code for up to five programs) None

- computer labs where programs will be used with different students over many years.

Read the Multi Seat License documentation here

Multi-Seat Subscription Minimum 5 seats (no maximum) 1 (same code for up to five programs) 12 months from initial activation As above, but less initial outlay.
Student-Owned Device Minimum 5 seats (no maximum) One for each program/student 6, 12, or 18 months from activation of each license

- virtual schooling and BYOD where students install program(s) on own computers.

Read the Student Owned Device documentation here

Home Use Family license; max 3 seats- home use only, no public performance rights. 1 (same code for up to five programs) None - homeschooling and personal interest

Note that all licenses allow you to capture and use any graphic, video or text in non-commercial projects (except for the few bird pictures we licensed from elsewhere, which are labeled Not to be Reproduced).