The Digital Field Trip to The Desert
Version 1.2a | Windows & Macintosh

Visit five North American deserts
without leaving your classroom or home

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Five locations in the Southwestern USA

Let us transport you to five North American desert locations using QuickTime Virtual Reality. Visit the surprisingly lush, green Sonoran Desert, the brightly colored landscape of the Painted Desert and the Cattail Falls oasis in Big Bend National Park. Explore the barren landscape of the Black Rock Desert or experience the blinding glare and oppressive heat of Death Valley—without the heat stroke.

However, like our other award-winning CD-ROMs, the field trip is just the starting point. Students and nature enthusiasts will learn about all aspects of desert ecology in four other major sections of this comprehensive package:

Explore without the thirst

Our intrepid development team suffered the heat stroke and the prickly pear attacks so you can experience these deserts from the comfort of your classroom or home.