The Digital Field Trip to The Desert
Version 1.2 | Windows & Macintosh

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The Digital Field Trip to The Desert

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The Digital Field Trip To The Desert meets and surpasses the company’s previous standards… The quality of the writing and the clever use of the technology makes it compelling for anyone aged 10 and up who has an inquiring mind… They explain in simple and concise terms the basic ecological science of these regions.
Gerry Blackwell, Toronto Star

What a fantastic resource! Meticulously researched, very well put together, and easy to use… It has a wide variety of features available to the user including many maps, diagrams, sound, animations, video clips and beautiful images… There is a comprehensive on-screen dictionary available to explain words both simple and technical. A must buy for a library.
John Abbett, ICT Coordinator & Geography Teacher
Tupton Hall School, England

This CD-ROM is hot, and so is the subject matter! Yep, you've got 5 field trips to choose from, and they are all fantastic… Excellent educational CD-ROMs are visually stunning, engaging, provide lots of information, are well organized, allow for easy interactivity. I am happy to report that the Digital Desert CD meets all these criteria.
Josef Martha, ScienceMan Review