The Digital Field Trip to The Desert
Version 1.2a | Windows & Macintosh

Learn about aridity, climate, landscape formation
— even try building your own desert ecosystem

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As well as exploring five North American deserts in the Field Trip section, you will learn about other deserts around the world. Access a wide range of life, environmental and earth science topics based on, but not restricted to, deserts.

Learn about desert plants and animals

More than sixty organisms have been selected to represent the surprising biodiversity found in these harsh environments. Study these amazing creatures in detail, then place them in a desert environment as you attempt to build a balanced ecosystem in the Build-a-Desert game shown above. Find out how each of these organisms is adapted to survive the harsh desert conditions.

Stunning photographs, full screen video, amusing tidbits of information and context-sensitive definitions, with spoken pronunciations on significant words support the text.


Learn about the influences that sculpt the desert landscape. These include rocks and minerals and weathering, as well as wind and water erosion/deposition. Then, test your understanding as you view stunning desert landscapes in the Landforms Quiz.

Human Impact

Examine how human impact and desertification shape and distort deserts, and how arid lands contribute to the over-all health of the planet.