The Digital Frog 2.5
Virtual frog dissection, anatomy & ecology
Version 2.5a | Windows & Macintosh

An anatomy section so complete, it's like
having a reference available at all times

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This section is the real "heart " of The Digital Frog 2.5 with its animation, movies, photographs and in-depth text, seamlessly linked from the dissection module. After all, dissecting animals is only done in order to learn anatomy. The program covers all major body systems:

And, to pull it all together, are several activities in Interacting Systems.

Compare to human iconHuman anatomy comparisons

Biology students have traditionally dissected frogs, because their anatomy is surprisingly similar to human anatomy. On each screen where there is a difference between human and frog anatomy, you will see the icon to the right and can learn how we differ from frogs. You may be surprised at how few screens include this icon.

Animations explain difficult concepts

You will not find any silly dancing frogs in this program; what you will find is animations that explain difficult-to-understand concepts such as blood flowing through a three-chambered heart, synapses, meiosis and mitosis and freely-movable joints.

Interactive quizzes

Each body system includes a formative assessment quiz, with immediate feedback, that reinforce learning.