The Digital Frog 2.5
Virtual frog dissection, anatomy & ecology
Version 2.5a | Windows & Macintosh

Learn about the study of living things
by studying living things

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Biology is the study of living things

Biology is generally defined as "the science that studies living organisms". While dissection and anatomy are the cornerstones of The Digital Frog 2.5, we believe you can't really truly appreciate the biology of the frog without studying them in their living state as well. The Digital Frog 2.5's ecology section helps address this by looking at different species of frog, their behavior and the environmental concerns that affect frog populations.


In the Biodiversity section you can learn to identify over 20 different North American and South American frogs by their physical characteristics and by listening to their calls. You can also watch a fast-forward simulation of metamorphosis, learn about environmental concerns and how you can help make your local environment more frog-friendly by "adopting a pond".

Environmental concerns

Frog populations are diminishing rapidly. Many causes are easy to identify, such as habitat loss; others are harder to pinpoint such as global warming, parasites and pollution. We take a look at some of these causes and what it means for both the environment and frog populations.


Watch as a frog in The Digital Frog pond tries to catch a fly attached to a human hair. Learn about the frog's mating behavior and hibernation.