The Digital Frog 2.5
Virtual frog dissection, anatomy & ecology
Version 2.5a | Windows & Macintosh

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What people are saying

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The new version of The Digital Frog is exciting and even more informative than the earlier version. The improvements will almost certainly enhance the learning of the anatomical and ecological aspects of frogs. I wish I had The Digital Frog when I was in high school.
- Tony Murphy, Minnesota Frog Watch Director

I used Digital Frog 2 today for the first time with my Biology students... The program contains everything I used to have my students do and more. The map especially made it easy to navigate. I even had a student who found the frog's underwear! What a great idea to put extra fun features into the program. I am really glad we bought the program, I plan to use it for the rest of my teaching career. In previous years, more and more, I felt guilty purchasing between 80-100 specimens for dissection. Thank you for providing such an eco-friendly alternate for Biology students.
- Kay Gingras, Canyon View Junior High School, Orem, Utah

The Digital Frog 2 is forward-thinking, environmentally friendly and a wealth of information for biology students. It is one The REVIEW ZONE's Best of 2000 software winners for combining education and fun.
- Tina Velgos, The Review Zone

An excellent teaching aid. Not only does it provide a comprehensive view of the frog, but it does so in a harmless way... The Digital Frog 2 offers a compassionate, positive alternative while, at the same time, protecting a diminishing species.
- Amorak & Friends

The program offered an interesting alternative to a real dissection with good graphics. "It helped me understand what we were doing in my biology class, " said one teen.
- New York Family Magazine

The dissection module is still the best part as far as I'm concerned... the photography is excellent and there are tons of hot spots that detail every little step and item. Beautiful, clear movies masterfully demonstrate dissection techniques.
- Josef Martha, ScienceMan!

The Digital Frog 2 is the most thorough computer presentation of the frog that we've seen. In addition to the excellent interactive environment for learning frog structure and function, it also incorporates behavioral and ecological information, and provides on-screen comparisons between frog and human anatomy. Best of all, this program, unlike traditional classroom dissections, encourages students to care about frogs by urging the adoption of local ponds and the preservation of their resident populations.
- Dr. Jonathan Balcombe
Associate Director of Education for the Humane Society of the United States

One of my favorite parts is the comparative anatomy section, which allows students to see how frogs and humans differ internally.
- Bridget Ricketts, Resource Links

The videos are stunning and explain the dissection process with great accuracy. Even the most squeamish in the class have learned the concepts presented.
- Kingston Bible Academy Teacher

So far I have been through the Frog Dissection which is quite amazing. I'm a little squeamish about that sort of thing, but really enjoyed it. Everything I've seen so far makes me think that you have produced a very useful learning tool. I'm impressed by how intuitive it is to navigate, and how interesting it all is.
- Paul Rees, Multimedia writer


Praise for the original Digital Frog...

Both the teachers and students who previewed The Digital Frog gave enthusiastic "thumbs up" to including it in both the biology and environmental studies curriculum.
- Rick Duhrkopf, American Biology Teacher

The Digital Frog easily takes the Kids Domain Gold Award for Excellence in Children's software.
- Kids Domain Review

I was unprepared for the quality and impact of the graphics. There is now a potential for all students to share in the excitement of learning anatomy as a basis for linkages to physiology and ecology. Dissection has finally realized its true role in the school curriculum!
- Bob Johnson, Curator of Amphibians and Reptiles at Metro Toronto Zoo

The dissection and anatomy sections are truly noteworthy and provide instructions that make the most of the power of technology through images, sound, and movies. The information goes far beyond that found in most textbooks.
- Eric Flescher, The Science Teacher

An excellent example of new technology is The Digital Frog, frog-friendly software for biology students. This product teaches students everything they need to know about frogs, inside and out, and then some. Having personally used this software, I can guarantee it will make learning biology an enjoyable experience.
- Sandra Larson, Beyond Dissection: Biology Education for the 21st Century

In order to help students prior to and throughout dissection, a number of computer programs are available which allow them to visualize the dissection on the screen. I highly recommend the computer program, the Digital Frog.
- Lynda Bolzon, Science teacher, Scarborough Board of Education