The Digital Field Trip to The Wetlands
Version 1.5a | Windows & Macintosh

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The Digital Field Trip to The Wetlands

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I have never seen anything like the "Digital Field Trip to The Wetlands". The software is superb! Very user friendly, very well done.
- Glenn Hooper, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

This is a solid educational aid. "The Field Trip to The Bog," in particular, deserves special notice. But the entire CD-ROM provides a strong base in wetlands ecology.
- Earth Magazine

The program provides a fun experience supported by sufficient instructional information to make it an excellent teacher's resource.
- The Science Teacher

It is loaded with information and visual experiences that make it seem as if you are there filming the wetland with your own video camera.
- Mark Schilling, Environmental Concern, Inc.

The Digital Field Trip to The Wetlands is both interesting and entertaining. This interactive approach to learning increases the potential for understanding while encouraging personal involvement on the part of the user.
- Amphibian Voice

I have taught lessons on the Wetlands and other environmental issues before, but this software package exceeded my knowledge greatly.
- Kids Domain Review

Before I used your program, wetlands never much interested me. Now, whenever I see anything about wetlands, I have to get a look.
- Sara Puig, age 9

Nearly every word and vocabulary term is defined, so it is very difficult to get stuck in the virtual mud... Computers are great tools, and in this case, the tool is used expertly by a group of dedicated individuals who have used their sense of place and sense of humor to deliver a top-notch review of wetland and associated ecological concepts... This is an outstanding product that will enhance any classroom from grade four to adult learners.
- Clearing Magazine