The Digital Field Trip to The Wetlands
Version 1.5a | Windows & Macintosh

From food chains to nutrient cycles, you can learn
a lot more than just wetland stuff in The Wetlands

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This Digital Field Trip to The Wetlands uses the virtual field trip as a jumping-off point to study a wide range of topics such as typical wetlands organisms, food webs, formation and succession, wetland types and nutrient cycles.

Study Wetland plants and animals

You can learn about the habitat, life cycle, food sources, behavior and ranges of thirty organisms that represent the wide range of organism that call wetlands home and some of the birds that rely on wetlands during migration. Play the electronic version of the predator/prey string game to learn what eats what in the big food web game shown above.

Learn about some surprising animal and plant adaptations.


Learn how wetlands play a vital role in keeping our planet healthy, from flood control to preventing erosion to increasing productivity. Learn about nutrient cycles (carbon, water, nitrogen and phosphorus). Find out why bogs are acidic.


Learn about the various classification systems and then test your knowledge in the Types Quiz. If you score 100% you'll get a surprising reward!

Endangered wetlands

Wetlands are disappearing at an alarming rate. Find out why it could be a serious problem and how it affects migrating birds.