Frog and Amphibian Image Archives

From detailed anatomy drawings and animation to photos of frogs in both their living and skeletal forms, here are just a few of the hundreds of frog and amphibian images from The Digital Frog 2.5, our virtual frog dissection, anatomy and ecology program.

Feel free to use them in your school project, lesson, presentation—any non-commercial use is fine by us.


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All of these pictures are from The Digital Frog 2.5 , our virtual frog dissection, anatomy and ecology program. The images, plus hundreds of others, are all part of the program, and can be used in school projects, presentations or lessons.

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Frog mouth Frog Mouth
Close up of the inside of a frog's mouth. The angle of the jaw has been cut to better expose the internal structures.

Frog circulatory system Circulatory System
A diagrammatic view of a frog's circulatory system, showing the placement of the heart, arteries and veins.

Three-chamebered frog heart Heart
Illustration of a frog's three chambered heart.

Capillaries Capillaries
Schematic view of a capillary bed, showing what products enter and leave the blood stream.

Respiratory system Respiration Animation
Animation of the cyclic blood flow from the skin, through the heart, to the tissues and back, with gas exchange at each end. QuickTime movie

Frog urogenital system Urogenital System
Schematic diagram of the organs of the urogenital system of the male and female frog.

Mitosis video Mitosis Animation
Animation of the steps involved in mitotic division.
QuickTime movie

Mitosis video Meiosis Animation
Animation of the steps involved in meiotic division.
QuickTime movie

Synapse animation Synapse Animation
Animation of neurotransmitters crossing the synaptic cleft. QuickTime movie

Myelinated neuron Neuron
Illustration of a myelinated neuron (nerve cell).

Cross section of a frog eyeball Eye
Illustration of a cross section of an amphibian eyeball.

Schematic representation of the frog retina Retina
Schematic representation of the frog retina.

X-ray of a frog skeleton Frog X-Ray
A see through frog! Wow.

Frog skeleton Frog Skeleton
A picture of the complete skeleton of a frog (top view).

Spring peeper Spring Peeper
A picture of Psuedacris crucifer.

Bullfrog Bullfrog
A picture of a Rana catesbeiana.


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