Digital Frog 2.5 Lesson Plans

To help you integrate Digital Frog International CD-ROMs into your classroom we have asked teachers to create and share lesson plans that fit with various curriculum standards. We appreciate the time and effort that teachers just like you have put into these lesson plans. We will be adding more plans as they become available.

Have some lesson plans you would like to share with other educators? Please and we will let you know how easy and beneficial sharing can be!

Frogs & Homeostasis

How does the structure and function of frogs maintain homeostasis?
Submitted by Doris Brennan, Wrenthan MA.

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Comparative anatomy

Comparing Frog and Human Anatomy: The Digestive, Circulatory, and Urogenital Systems. Submitted by Diana Bernstein, Methuen MA.

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Cells, tissue and internal organs

To understand the relationship between the organization of cells into tissue and organs; Study the structure and function of organs and to determine the relationships within the body systems.
Submitted by Alan Delano, Methuen MA.

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Amphibian adaptations & anatomy

Students will learn about and describe amphibians and how they are adapted for life on land and more. Learn to locate and identify the parts of the digestive system, the lungs and the heart of a frog.

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