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From rainforest organisms, such as leaf-cutter ants, toucans and jaguars, to illustrations of the rainforest strata and how the water cycle works, we invite you to have a look at just some of the images from our rainforest ecology program, The Digital Field Trip to The Rainforest.

Feel free to use them in your school project, lesson, presentation—any non-commercial use is fine by us.


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blank Blue Creek, Belize
A picture from the Blue Creek Rainforest Reserve in Belize. jpg 46K

tropical rainforest Tropical rainforest
A picture of a tropical rainforest in Belize. jpg 38K

temperate rainforest Temperate rainforest
A picture of a rainforest in the Pacific Northwest. jpg 25K

jaguar Jaguar
A Panthera onca from the Belize Zoo. jpg 24K

tapir Tapir
A photograph of Belize's national animal. jpg 16K

toucan Toucan
One of the most recognizable tropical American birds. jpg 18K

leaf cutter ant Leaf-cutter ant
A single worker ant, doing its thing. jpg 12K

heliconia Heliconia
A picture of a plant named after Mount Helica in Greece. jpg 17K

bromeliad Bromeliad
A photo of one the rainforest's many epiphytes. jpg 20K

leaf Leaf Cross-Section
A cross-section of the structure of a leaf. jpg 48K

ranforest strata Rainforest strata
A diagram of the rainforest's different levels. jpg 52K

water cycle Water Cycle
A diagram of the Amazon Basin water cycle. jpg 51K


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