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If you're looking for pictures of anything wetlands-related — swamps, beavers, giant water bugs — this is the place to start. There are just a few of the hundreds of images taken from our virtual field trip, The Digital Field Trip to The Wetlands.

Feel free to use them in your school project, lesson, presentation—any non-commercial use is fine by us.


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All of these pictures are from The Digital Field Trip to The Wetlands CD-ROM. The images, plus hundreds of others, are all part of the program, and can be used in school projects, presentations or lessons.

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marsh Marsh
A picture of a typical marsh, located down the road from the DFI offices. jpg 41K

swamp Swamp
A picture of a swamp, taken in southern Ontario. jpg 42K

beaver Beaver
A picture of a typical Castor canadensis.
jpg 21K

Green frog Green Frog
A picture of a Rana Clamitans. jpg 16K

Carex lasiocarpa Carex Lasiocarpa
Photo of a grass, commonly known as slender sedge. jpg 25K

Giant water bug Giant Water Bug
Photograph of one of 200 species of water bugs. jpg 17K

Sphagnum moss

Sphagnum Moss
One of the 350 species of sphagnum moss.
jpg 24K



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