Digital Frog International software for Mac compatibility issues with Lion

The Problem

Each program includes a small Launcher app that checks for an acceptable version of QuickTime. This app uses PowerPC code and therefore requires Rosetta, a free Mac app that allows PowerPC code to run on Intel Macs. The programs themsleves ARE intel-native and will run without Rosetta.

Sadly, Rosetta is not supported by the Lion operating system.

* Please Note: The demo for ScienceMatrix: Cell Structure and Function does not currently work on LION, we are working on a solution.

The Solution

A simple workaround will allow you to be able to run the software normally.

If you get this message

PowerPC error message

Click OK to cancel, locate the Data folder (in the root folder of the CD) and open it. WIthin it you will find another application file that looks identical to the one in the main program folder. This will launch the program in native Intel mode. (You can create an alias to this application on your desktop or elsewhere on your computer to avoid having to locate this application in the future.)

If you are having other technical problems, please refer to the main Technical Support page.