Digital Frog International software for Windows
and QuickTime compatibility issues

We have identified a problem with all current versions of Digital Frog International software, including free demos, on some Windows computers running QuickTime (7.6 or later). It can result in an error message saying that QuickTime is not installed, preventing the software from running. A simple workaround will allow you to be able to run the software normally.

The Problem

Windows users who have installed QuickTime 7.6 or later may get an error message saying the application requires QuickTime and is unable to launch the actual program.


The Solutions

If you encounter the QuickTime error, you'll see one of the two following dialog boxes. The solution is slightly different for both.

Running the program (Dialog Box #1)

QuickTime error

Clicking OK will launch your browser to the QuickTime download site. Cancel will quit the program.

To run the program, you will need to locate where it has been installed on your computer. The default should be in the Program Files folder. Full programs will be in a folder with the program's name, demos are most likely in a folder called "DFIDemos". (The ScienceMatrix demo is the exception, which is installed in a separate folder.)

Within the program's folder is an application, which is what you run when you use the shortcut from the your desktop or Start menu. Do not run this application. Instead, locate the Data folder and open it. WIthin it you will find another application file that looks identical to the one in the main program folder. This will launch the program without checking for QuickTime and work around the problem. (You can create a shortcut to this application on your desktop or elsewhere on your computer to avoid having to locate this application in the future.)

QuickTime workaround


Running the program (Dialog Box #2)

QuickTime error 2

Clicking OK should launch the QuickTime installer included with your Digital Frog International program. (Please note that this will install a version earlier than the most current available.)

However, clicking Cancel will launch the program without any problems.

You can also use the solution for the first dialogue box if you wish to replace shortcuts to the application that runs without checking for QuickTime first.


If you are having other technical problems, please refer to the main Technical Support page.