ScienceMatrix:Cell Structure & Function can be run either directly from the CD or the computer's hard drive, or even over a network with a building site license.

If you copy it to your hard drive, we suggest you create a folder on your drive called Cell Structure and Function then copy the entire contents of the CD to that folder.

Either way, simply click on the ScienceMatrix icon to launch it.


Minimum Requirements

ScienceMatrix: Cell Structure & Function requires a system that meets at least these minimum requirements:




  • 10 Mb/s network connection or better
  • 300 MB of free hard drive space for The Digital Field Trip to The Wetlands application and media

If you encounter problems while running one of Digital Frog International's software titles on your network, please email us for more help.



Please consult the ReadMe file on the CD-ROM for basic troubleshooting.

Make sure your version of QuickTime is up to date
If you launch the program and are prompted to update your version of QuickTime, you must download the latest version. It is available free from Apple at

Text-to-Speech does not work
In order to run the Accessible mode with text-to-speech, you may need to install additional software. For more details, see our page on Text-to-Speech issues.


If you encounter a problem that isn't covered here, please email or contact us us for more help.



Mac OS X
Text-to-Speech comes as part of the system. No extra installation is required. To select a different voice, select Speech from the System Preferences.

Mac OS 9
Installers for Text-to-Speech components can be found in the "Software Installers" folder on your original OS 9 system installation CDs.