ScienceMatrix:Cell Structure & Function 2.5d is available by download or on disc; the number of users is controlled by the license code purchased.


Installation instructions for ScienceMatrix:Cell Structure & Function 2.5d can be found in the Readme file included in the download or on the disc. Instructions for multi-seat and network installation will be provided with the purchase of a multi-seat license.

Minimum Requirements

ScienceMatrix:Cell Structure & Function 2.5d requires a system that meets at least these minimum requirements:


Licensing is now controlled via our web site and the program can only be accessed with a valid license code. A 24 hour trial license is available upon request.

You only need an active internet connection the first time you launch the program.

What is a seat?

A seat is one computer user as determined by the home folder or directory of the current user, whether the home folder is stored on the local hard drive, or on the network. You will need to buy a "seat" for each user account that will run the software. The license code determines the number of seats and the length of time the program can be used; you do not need a separate license code for each seat.

Network Administration

If you are using any protection and administration software that resets user files (such as CleanSlate), you will need to exclude this folder (Vista, Windows 7 & 8): C:\Users\ (currentuser) \AppData\Roaming\iShell\cache-cache where (currentuser) is the primary user folder for that machine. Or C:\Documents and Settings\(currentuser)\Application Data\iShell\cache-cache (XP) If you are not sure where to find the cache-cache folder, you can select Preferences in the program and then Software Update the location of the cache-cache folder is specified there.


ScienceMatrix:Cell Structure & Function 2.5d can receive updates directly from the internet.

If you have an active internet connection, ScienceMatrix:Cell Structure & Function 2.5d will notify you of any updates to be downloaded. Updates are saved in a cache-cache folder and will be automatically incorporated into the program. For details on the location of the cache-cache folder check the Software Update screen


The current release of ScienceMatrix:Cell Structure & Function2.5d has no reported problems.

If you find an issue, please email or contact us us to let us know.