Online Privacy Policy

We don't like giving out personal information on the web any more than you do. Because of this, we try to be judicious in what we ask of you, our reasons for requesting the information and what we do with it when we have it. As a result, we collect minimal information about visitors to our web site and follow strict policies regarding how we use this data.

If you read no further than this, be assured that any information submitted through the Digital Frog International web site is for internal use only and will never be sold, given or transferred to any third party.

What information do we gather?

We collect minimal information about visitors to our web site, through one of two methods.

Submission Forms
In order for us to provide some services to you on the web site, such as requesting a DemoWare disc or downloading the demo version of a program, it is necessary for you to submit information to us by filling out an online form. Information requested can include name, address, email address and some demographic information. For DemoWare discs, this is primarily necessary so we know where to send the physical disc. We also generally follow-up with users who have received demo versions.

The information collected on forms is sent directly to our marketing department and entered into an internal database. It will not be made available to anyone else. Information submitted through our online surveys and beta testing forms is similarly sent directly to us and is strictly for internal use.

What we do with the information

Most of the information we collect is for internal use, to determine how to best service our customers or to be able to send you demos or information you have specifically requested. Periodically we also send out announcements of new products and special promotions. If you do not wish to receive these mailings, we will gladly remove you from our mailing list. Contact us and we will promptly take care of the rest. (For more information on this, see the section below on "Updating or removing your personal information".)


This site contains links to external sites which may collect personal information. The use of this information is governed by privacy policies applicable to those sites and should be made available in their own respective policy statements.

Updating or removing your personal information

At any time, you may update personal information submitted to us or request to be removed from our database. Simply contact us by email, phone or mail with your name and we will take care of the rest.

Address: 7377 Calfass Rd, RR #2, Puslinch, ON, N0B 2J0, Canada
Phone: (519) 766-1097

Changes to the Online Privacy Policy

On the off-chance our policy ever changes in the future, we will clearly state the changes and allow any person who has submitted information to us to opt out. We will not enact any change without letting you know and giving you the chance to remove yourself from our database.

Questions or complaints?

If you have any comments, questions or complaints about this policy or if you believe it has been violated in some manner, we would like to hear what you have to say. Simply email or contact us at the address listed above and we will do our best to address your concerns as promptly as possible.