Digital Frog International software and Homeschoolers

The same science software for schools, available to homeschooling parents at a fraction of the price

We developed our award-winning science software to help science teachers captivate student interest and trigger a lifelong interest in the natural sciences. For homeschooling parents who do not have a science background finding the right materials is even more crucial. With Digital Frog software, you don't have to be a scientist to teach science effectively.

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Improving our web site to help you, the homeschooler

When we launched The Digital Frog in 1995, most schools did not have powerful enough computers to run this innovative way of learning. How things change!

Now homeschoolers are recognizing the value our learning tools in ever-increasing numbers—and homeschoolers spend a lot of time searching the web and like to be able to purchase online.

So, homeschoolers, we are listening. Our shopping cart is ready.

What others say about our software and homeschooling

"...Over the years, I’ve come across a great multitude of educational software offerings, but many have fallen short of my expectations. I guess that’s why I feel so fortunate to have come across this series of scientific software offered by Digital Frog International."
- Kyle Zook, LINK Homeschool News

With fascinating video clips, stunning graphics, interactive concept maps, definitions on almost every word (and spoken pronunciations on many words), integrated text-to-speech to assist visually-impaired and auditory learners, and customizable workbook materials, this multi-grade, cross-curricular software is PERFECT for homeschooling. If you are looking for engaging, interactive software that teaches a wide range of natural science topics, look no further.

Digital Frog International is offering exactly the same materials used in thousands of schools across North America to homeschoolers around the world - and at considerably lower prices (the only difference is that, just like the DVDs you rent, they do not include public performance rights).


Home license includes a code to allow installation on three computers in one home.

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