Installation instructions for The Digital Frog can be found in the booklet that accompanies your copy of the CD-ROM.



The Digital Frog will work best on any Windows machine under the following conditions:

  • 8 MB of available RAM or more
  • Virtual Memory set to the Default Windows Setting
  • File sharing off
  • All unneeded device drivers, which may take up processor time, turned off
  • If Microsoft Office is installed, the Control Bar should be turned off



The Digital Frog does not ship with a license to run on a network. A network license must be purchased from Digital Frog International or one of our distributors.


  • 10 Mb/s network connection or better
  • 130 MB of free hard drive space for The Digital Frog application and media

Client Machines

  • 486 processor or better
  • 8 MB RAM
  • 2 MB free hard drive space
  • Windows 3.x or better
  • VGA 640 x 480, 256 colors

If you encounter problems while running one of Digital Frog International's software titles on your network, please email us for more help.



I want to run The Digital Frog on a machine without a sound card.
Try downloading DIGIFROG.EXE to replace the one installed on your hard drive.


I got the error: This machine doesn't support 256 colors.
This will occur if the current video driver is set to something other than 256 colors. Follow the instructions in your MS-Windows manual to install the latest video drivers set to 640X480, 256 colors, or install the SVGA drivers found on the CD, in the directory SVGA.


I keep getting the error: Cannot find media "COMPASS.PIC."
There are several possible reasons you may be receiving this message:

  • The CD may not be in the CD Drive
  • The file FROG.INI may not pointing to the current CD Drive. Alter FROG.INI to CDDRIVE = Z, where Z is the current CD drive
  • You may have an earlier version of QuickTime installed. Run SETUP.EXE in the QTW2 directory of the CD to install the current version of QuickTime.

Some of the graphics appear in white boxes when I run The Digital Frog on my laptop.
Place the file AMT.INI in your windows directory
File AMT.INI contains:


The Digital Frog is running extremely slowly.
There are many Windows settings that could cause this symptom. Try changing the 32-bit addressing option in the Virtual Memory control panel, or give your machine more virtual memory.


The program runs fine, but the text isn't formatting properly.
The fonts Helvetica or Times may be corrupted or not installed on your computer. Both are required for the proper running of The Digital Frog. To fix the problem, simply re-install the fonts from your original system disk.


The program appears in a box surrounded by black
The Digital Frog was designed to run at a screen resolution of 640 x 480. To use the program full-screen, you may need to change the screen resolution. This can be done with the "Displays" settings in your system's "Control Panels".


If you encounter a problem that isn't covered here, please email or contact us us for more help.